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The Dark Union's logo.

The Dark Union is the main antagonist in Mech Mice Tactics and an enemy of the Mech Mice Colony. They may be a association of many nations; hence the name. Their army force consists of mutated mechanical bugs and creatures.


The Dark Union's military consists of mutant creatures such as BugsScorpionsS.A.W.Ants and other creatures that have yet to be revealed. They are all created, according to Mech Mice Genesis Strike, by Axel. These creatures come in many different sizes, and have many different uses. The Union is also prominent in the use of biomechanics, and many mutants have come into existence as a result. The Founder Engineer Gamma was one of the many mutants. Two of the known leaders are Queen Termina, a large bug seen in the first chapter of Season One, and Algernon a rat who makes inventions and commands bugs who is first seen at the end of Chapter One of Season One and reappears in Chapter Two.

Dark Union Units[]

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  • Currently, the Dark Union's military is made up of robotic Bugs created by Axel and later, Algernon.
    • It is not known if the Dark Union had an army beforehand (which is very likely) or not.

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