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A Crate
Health Low
Space 1 Hexagon

Crates are destroyable objects in Mech Mice Tactics and Mech Mice Academy. While most crates are just scenario props, some of them might reveal Treasure Tokens when destroyed. The Dark Union uses crates to block paths, in order to delay the progress of a Mech Mice Squad through its mission.


  • Crates are massively used by the Dark Union in their bases located in Rockvein Canyon and Fire Crown Volcano.
  • They will be used in Mech Mice Academy as part of a loot drop, item and customization system. Currently, they are only used as a destroyable prop.
  • During The Fall of Beta Squad, there is a large area filled with Lava Boxes. In this area you save Lefty. In doing so the player destroys all of the lava boxes. In the corner near the S.A.W hole, there is a large crate. If the player shoots the box it will then turn into a smaller crate and once more, you will find a Treasure Token.