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Colonel Black is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.
"You've done good, Commander. Now get your squad out of here, and when you get a chance to fight the Dark Union again...tell 'em Black sent ya."

Colonel Black is a shrew who only appears in Mech Mice Genesis Strike. He is very short and impatient, with bushy eyebrows and a mean face. Black has many temperamental problems, and often takes them out on his secretary Mildra. He is an "old world" type of shrew, with plenty of field duty and more than a few scars to show for it. Photographs of gritty battles and war times are scattered on the walls of his office. Like his great grandfather, Black had been commander of the most decorated elite squad in Mech Mice history, the Venom Squad. Colonel Black and his squad had infiltrated deep into enemy territory and defeated the Dark Union. It was Black's bite that sent the dreaded Dr. Verminion, leader of the Dark Union, to his doom. Now, Black considers himself "a paper pusher, a relic of war in a museum of his making."

Towards the end of Genesis Strike, Black tells Ziro and his squad to save themselves from the doomed Moth Ship. He then leads it straight at the ground, effectively destroying all Dark Union bugs and sap bombs aboard the ship while sacrificing himself. Later on, a portrait of Black in his younger seasons is displayed on an easel.


General Black in his office.

  • He enjoys eating bitter grubs.
  • He was the commander of the most decorated elite squad in Mech Mice history, the Venom Squad.
  • His full name is Colonel Augustus Black.
  • His wife's name is Zelda Black.
  • Like Magenta, his name is also based off a color, not to mention that he is also dark furred.
  • He and Zelda have petnames for each other, such as "smoochie" and "sugar lips."
  • He disguised himself as an old Liwan tribe member to save the Genesis Squad from being kidnapped by the Alpha Squad.

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General Black confronting Ziro in chapter 15