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This article is about something in reality outside of the world of Mech Mice.

Cody Vigue

Cody's Twitter avatar.
Basic Info
Full Name Cody Vigue
Gender Male
Faction Unknown
Physical Info
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Color White
Other Info
Religion Unkown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Experience Designer
Narrative Designer
Nationality Canadian
I am a Writer, Narrative Designer, and Level / Experience Designer at Hyper Hippo Productions. Currently busy putting the "tact" in "tactical strategy" for a game called Mech Mice.

Cody Vigue is the Level Designer and Writer of Hyper Hippo Productions in Kelowna, BC. He designs most of the levels for Mech Mice Tactics. Before working with Hyper Hippo Productions, he worked at Club Penguin as a writer for five years.

Cody's Walkthrough for Scouring The Desert[]


Level 1-5 Walkthrough Mech Mice


  • Cody Vigue's favorite toy as a child was his imaginary Optimus Prime.
  • He was one of the developers chosen to be interviewed, along with Cale Atkinson  and Chris Hendricks.
  • Many users love his sense of humor, as seen on the comments of his interview.
  • In his "Ask Cody" video he stated that he worked with Lance at Club Penguin.


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