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Cale Atkinson
Cale Atkinson

Cale's avatar seen on Twitter and Blogspot.
Basic Info
Full Name Cale Atkinson
Gender Male
Faction Unknown
Physical Info
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Color White
Other Info
Religion Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Lead Artist at Hyper Hippo Productions
Nationality Canadian

Cale Atkinson is the Art Director in Hyper Hippo Productions from the lakeside in Kelowna, British Columbia. Cale joined the team on July 4th, 2011. Cale illustrated all the pictures for Mech Mice Genesis Strike

Cale Atkinson is famous for his fantastic art and animation. One animation Cale created is called "Lil' Red". Cale's website is here: and Blogspot website is here:


  • Cale's favorite plant is a fern named Stanley.
  • Cale's three pet peeves have to do with robots.
  • Cale loves to draw mustaches and top hats.
  • He was one of the developers chosen to be interviewed, along with Cody Vigue and Chris Hendricks.
  • He created hundreds of art and illustrations that never appeared in the game.


Interview with Cale - Art Director for Mech Mice

Interview with Cale - Art Director for Mech Mice

An interview with Cale answering questions about himself

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