Bugs are the general name given to the Dark Union's ground reinforcements. There are multiple types of bugs in the Roden area, which are primarily controlled by the Dark Union. Certain high ranking Dark Union officials in the military hierarchy such as Queen Termina and Algernon are seen having control of multiple bugs themselves. Over 4,500,000 Bugs have been destroyed. Small Bugs will be featured as enemies in Mech Mice Academy.[2]

Any bug is capable of deactivating the Omega or a Recon Unit as long as they get in the way of one while wandering around, or a Spy Bug is in range.

Bug Transfer Process[edit | edit source]

Bugs were originally brown and beetle-like, but are captured and caged by the Dark Union as seen in Algernon's Laboratory and Hold The Line. They go through a process of being turned into a mechanical, aggressive monster as seen in Chapter Two. 

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