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S.A.W In-Game.png

S.A.W, a Boss
Damage High - Varied
Faction Dark Union
Health High

A Boss is a universally used term for an enemy character or creature who's skills, ranking, and performance exceeds that of any normal enemy or character. There are in total of four bosses currently in Mech Mice Tactics. Each chapter has two bosses, a mini-boss and a major boss, both in levels four and eight, respectively.

Known Bosses[]

Possible Bosses[]

These character(s) are based off of what is seen in the campaign of Mech Mice Tactics as the game is not yet complete and more will be added, i.e; their existence is an educated guess.

  • Algernon
  • New and improved version of Queen Termina (after seen being restored in Algernon's Laboratory and models within the games files were found).



  • As Chapter Three has not yet been revealed, it is speculated that there will be possibly two bosses, similar to the other Chapters. 
  • A drawing concept revealed that Termina may be restored, using stolen Mech Mice technology such as the Heavy Blaster, Strong Shield and ammunition holder for the Mech. This is confirmed as a restored model of Termina was found within the game files.
  • Each defeated Boss gives 25 Gears.