Season One of Mech Mice begins in the Burntleaf area, a small remote region of the Blackwall Badlands.


On the northern edge of the continent are the Blackwall Badlands; tough lands inhabited by tougher mice. Dry, hot, and dangerous, there are nonetheless many creatures that call its many canyons home. The mice of Blackwall Burrow dwell underground in a vast networks of tunnels and caves, while others live in small villages that dot the region. The Shard of Blackwall is smaller than most, so the wilderness is not as lush as the rest of Roden, but there are many small oases if you look carefully. But be cautious – for rattlesnakes, eagles, desert cats and coyotes also roam these lands, along with the odd and mysterious rodent cousins, the Cave Bats.

Whatta ya talking about? There’s PLENTY to eat here… if ya like the taste of CACTUS!
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