Deep in the darkest corner of Roden lies a surprisingly lively burrow. But a shadow of the past looms over this place..

Unlocked-05-Blackpool Marshes.png

Near the south-eastern frontier of Roden lies the marshes of Blackpool – a vast territory of bogs and swamps that marks the boundary between the plains and the Erg lands beyond. Though not exactly hospitable to mice, the Mudvale Burrow flourishes, thanks in part to the many other creatures that call it home. Shrews, rats and even frogs frequent the burrow throughout the year. There is a dark side to Blackpool however – it was into the marshes and the Erg lands beyond that the original war criminals of the Dark Union were banished. To this day, a shadow remains over the marshes, with many wondering what became of those sinister agents…

Cowards! You cannot cast us out. You cannot hope the darkness will swallow us. We ARE the darkness! We bring it with us. And any prison you forge shall become our sanctuary!
— Warlord Drach
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