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Betsay the Mech Unit
Gender N/A
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Race Mech
Availability Yes

Betsay is a Mech that can be used in Chapter Two of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. It can be manned by any Unit, similar to Omega. It is very powerful, being the second most powerful character. Its special ability is Plasma Cannons and Doom Spin; Extremely high damaging plasma cannons that can take down Scorpions in a single hit, and a spinning combo attack that takes down all surrounding medium-sized bugs in a single hit.


  • Combat: Amazing! No unit is this effective as a Mech.
  • Base health: Extremely high, but fragile because only an Engineer can repair a Mech (Healing Flowers have no effect on a machine)
  • Movement Range: 2 (+2 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: Rapid fire, anti-bug suppressors
  • Special ability: Extremely high damaging plasma cannons
  • Cons: Requires an Engineer to repair it when it gets damaged. Low movement range.


  • It can only be fixed/healed by Torq or Gamma.
  • It is a usable vehicle in Mech Mice Academy.
  • According to Algernon, replacing the mouse designs with insect designs should increase Betsay's efficiency by 19%.


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