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Hyper Hippo Productions has not given Beacon Quest an official name. The name given to Beacon Quest will be changed as soon as a name has been given.

Beacon Quest is an undeveloped, original version of The Beginning in Mech Mice Tactics. It takes place in Burntleaf. It was the first level of Mech Mice to be tested within a browser.

The official name and level, The Beginning, is currently available to play.

The finished texturing of quest.


Beacon Quest was first announced on August 18th, 2012 for Mech Mice Tactics. Its development progress was displayed over a one month period. The final picture and update of its development was posted on September 13th2012. Over that time, three updates were made.


Beacon Quest was created using Unity3D.

The early development phase of the Beacon Quest.

 It had 3 updates made as stated above. They can be viewed from here.

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