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Assault Blaster

The Assault Blaster
Type Weapon
Damage Medium
Used by Commander Unit
ID DefaultWeapon1

The Assault Blaster is the weapon that the Commander Unit uses. It is the only weapon used by the Commander in Mech Mice Academy. The Assault Blaster is much like the Standard Blaster in size and shape. The Assault Blaster has multiple handles, a screw on-and-off ammunition box, and uses explosive berries for ammunition. The only major difference between the Standard Blaster and the Assault Blaster is that it only has a single barrel.


The Assault Blaster is used by the Commander class in Academy as the standard weapon of choice and is a feasible choice for any game mode. It has an ADS feature and will not overheat, nor does it run on a clip. It fires three shots at a time, and the rounds can be spammed without consequence.


  • The Assault Blaster looks similar to the Standard Blaster, except the Standard Blaster has only one barrel for the design.
  • It is the Commander Unit's primary weapon.
  • It is used in Mech Mice Academy as the primary weapon for the Commander.
  • They fire three times in a row in Mech Mice Academy.


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