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Algernon's Laboratory
Title 2-4.png
Basic Info
Level 4
Chapter 2
Release September 25, 2013
Location Dark Union Base
  • Locate the missing Dynamo gear
  • Recover the Dynamo and return to Torq
  • Avoid engaging the enemy if possible

Algernon's Laboratory is the fourth level of Chapter Two of Season One. It is the third boss battle in Mech Mice Tactics. It was released on September 25, 2013 during the Beta Test, and offically released on October 8, 2013, the same day Mech Mice Tactics launched. In this level, you battle FrankenBug in a seemingly empty lair.


An unknown enemy leader has stolen Mech Mice technology, and the missing Engineer cannot be rescued without it. 

Seek out the stolen Dynamo Gear, and escape. Try not to engage the enemy.

Treasure Tokens[]

  • At the top right of the lab, there is a token.
  • After defeating FrankenBug, a token should appear at Algernon's desk.
  • After waiting a while, the next last token will appear in the middle of the map, next to the Dark Union flag.


  • A can of Grub Yums can be seen on Algernon's desk.
  • Queen Termina's head can be seen at one section of the lair.
  • An insect is seen caged in one section.
  • Lava Boxes surround the lair, which can be used against FrankenBug. When FrankenBug is next to a Lava Box, you can shoot it to cause a large amount of damage.
  • A ammunition holder from a Mech can be seen next to Termina's head.
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